BCA AGM 2018

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Chris Ross wins at Derby while Efe Shimwell steals the limelight

Efe receiving his grading-prize

The Annual General Meeting and congress took place at the Hallmark Hotel Derby from 16 to 18 March.

In the tournament there were no surprises at the top of either section, but Efe Shimwell, in his first open tournament scored a very creditable 2.5 out of 5 to win Grading Prize B. The tournament was controlled by Gerry Walsh and Julie Leonard with Mike Murphy acting as steward. Many thanks to all concerned.

Chriss Ross receiving prize

Results in full were as follows:-


Chris Ross 4.5 1st

Paul Benson 3.5 =2nd

Steve Burnell 3.5 =2nd

Efe Shimwell 2.5 Grading Prize B

Bill Armstrong 2.5

Colin Chambers and Stan Lovell shared Grading Prize A on 2

Mark Kirkham 2

Ian Blencowe 1.5

Phil Gordon 1.5


Challengers 1st equal Dan Rugman and George Phillips

Dan Rugman 4.5 =1st Dan won the trophy on tie-break

George Phillips 4.5 =1st

Gary Wickett 3.5 3rd

Mark Hague 3

Voldi Gailans 3 Grading Prize A

John Osborne and Gill Smith shared Grading Prize B on 2.5

Jim Cuthbert 2

Phil Rafferty 2 Grading Prize C

Lea Ryan 1.5

Michael Lowery 1

Richard Harrington 1

Efe in action


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