BCA International Autumn Congress 2018

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Open first Chris Ross with Bovis
Open first Chris Ross with Bovis

The BCA Annual Open International Tournament was Held at the Hallmark Hotel, Derby from 16 to 18 November. Twenty players took part, ten in the Open and ten in the Challengers' section.

Open second Paul Benson

Chris Ross won the Open with 5 out of 5, followed by Paul Benson on 4, with three players tying for third.

Open joint third Kirkham, Lovell (with Casper),
McElroy, Murphy

In the Challengers' there was a tie at the top with Voldi Gailans winning the trophy on tie-break with 4.5 out of 5, Dan Rugman coming equal first also on 4.5. The achievement of the tournament came with Lea Ryan coming equal third on 3 points. This was a wonderful achievement for Lea, who is one of our lower graded players and one of the bottom seeds for this tournament, many congratulations. This was the first tournament for one of our new members, Ednun Pourtahmasbi, who took part in the challengers'. Hopefully this will be the first of many appearances for the BCA.

Open Grading Prize Colin Chambers

Final standings were:-


1st on 5 points Chris Ross (Trophy)

2nd on 4 points Paul Benson

=3rd on 2.5 points Ernie McElroy, Mark Kirkam, Stan Lovell (Grading Prize A), Richard Murphy (Grading Prize B)

Challengers joint first Rugman (with Inky) and Gailans (trophy)

2 points Colin Chambers (Supplemental Grading Prize A), George Phillips

(Supplemental Grading Prize B)

1.5 points Ian Blencowe, Eamonn Casey


=1st on 4.5 points Voldi Gailans, Dan Rugman (Voldi won the trophy on


=3rd on 3 points Tony Lawton (Grading Prize A), Tony Elbourn (Grading Prize

A), Lea Ryan (Grading Prize B)

2 points Gill Smith, Mark Hague, Richard Harrington (Supplemental Grading

Challengers Grading Prize Richard Harrington

Prize B)

1 point Ednun Pourtahmasbi

0 points Irene Elbourn

The tournament was very ably controlled by Julie Leonard and Matthew Carr and was played in a good spirit with a friendly atmosphere throughout the weekend.


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