BCA Coaching Policy

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BCA Coaching Policy


1. Aims and Objects. BCA will endeavour to provide chess instruction in a variety of ways designed to meet the needs of visually impaired UK chess members. Whilst every effort will be made to provide chess instruction designed to meet the needs of individual VI UK members, the association cannot guarantee this will always be possible.


2. International support. BCA will offer coaching support to its VI members representing UK in major international events. This may be pre event preparation and/or support during events.


3. Youth development. BCA will endeavour to provide Chess instruction to VI UK members under 25 designed to meet the needs of individuals or groups. Such instruction may be delivered in schools or colleges, private homes or other places which may be considered appropriate. Other methods may also be employed such as: email, Skype, tapes, CDs etc.


4. Support for learners and novices. BCA will endeavour to provide chess instruction to VI UK learners and novices on condition they become members of the association. Where requested, BCA will try to provide chess instruction to learners and novices within their locality but this may not always be possible. Other forms of chess instruction such as: email, Skype, tape, CDs etc may be provided.


5. Chess instruction for established members. BCA will set up chess instruction for its established VI UK members. In furtherance of this policy the following initiatives will be investigated:

5.1. Instruction to individual members or groups via email, Skype, tapes, CDs or by any other method which, from time to time, may become available.

5.2. Coaching sessions. BCA will investigate the possibility of setting up coaching sessions. These may be for a single day or for two or more days. A pilot scheme may be set up to test the viability of such sessions.

5.3. BCA will set up a programme of instructional lectures. These may be delivered by suitably qualified BCA members or by sighted chess players, teachers or coaches. Such lectures may be delivered via Skype or some other audio facility. They may be recorded for addition to the BCA audio library and made available to VI UK members on the BCA website.

5.4. BCA will explore any other avenues which may provide the opportunity of instruction to VI UK members.


6. Financing of chess instruction. BCA will agree fees with coaches before any coaching sessions are set up. BCA may pay all, or part, of the fees and/or other expenses to those undertaking any form of chess instruction. In all cases, any decision to finance any form of chess instruction within BCA will rest with the committee.


7. Where appropriate it will be a condition that those delivering chess instruction to BCA members will have the appropriate check under the Disclosure and Barring Scheme.


Ratified 2012, last reviewed November 2014.


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