BCA Selection Policy

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BCA Selection Policy


Selection policy for major IBCA international events.

 The players finishing in the first two places in the BCA British Championship shall automatically qualify for the UK team in the following IBCA Olympiad or World Team Championship.


The BCA Committee shall appoint a selection panel whose task it will be to select the remaining players for the team and the team captain. The panel shall include the two qualifying players plus a panel chairman and a fourth member, both appointed by the BCA committee.


Each member of the selection panel shall have one vote. In the event of more than one player receiving an equal number of votes, the player who has competed in BCA domestic events most regularly during the previous five years shall be given the place.  


For an IBCA World or European Individual Championship the UK representative

shall be the winner of the BCA British Championship. When it is decided to send more than one player to such events they shall normally be selected in the order in which they finished in the BCA British Championship, but in exceptional circumstances the committee may decide to support a player or players who did not compete in the BCA British Championship.  


Note: UK representation at IBCA events will normally be based on the outcome of the BCA British Championship immediately preceding the IBCA event. Occasionally, however, the most recent BCA British Championship will be too close to the IBCA event to allow proper planning for travel arrangements etc. In such cases the outcome of the previous BCA British Championship shall be used.  


UK representatives will be visually impaired UK residents.  


Less Formal events  


The selection of teams for less formal events, such as the Six Nations Tournament etc, shall be undertaken by a three person panel appointed by the BCA committee. the panel shall only consider members who have been fairly regular competitors in BCA domestic events. The policy of selecting two Olympiad squad players and two from below that level for the Six Nations will continue.  


Code of conduct


All players, coaches, guides and others with BCA teams will be expected to act in a manner conducive to the good name of the association. The committee shall be empowered to remove any person from a BCA team if it considers that person's conduct is likely to impact negatively on the reputation of the BCA.  


Last reviewed in March 2016


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