The BCA Email Group Code of Conduct

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions. 

Please remember that messages are not read by moderators before being sent to the group so take a moment to think about how others will interpret your words.

The views expressed on this group do not necessarily reflect the views of the BCA, its members, employees and volunteers.

Some examples of acceptable topics are:

The moderators

Messages are sent to the group without prior approval from a moderator. The BCA committee appoints moderators who have the following discretionary powers in the event of a breach of the code.

Members can appeal to the BCA committee whose decision will be final.

Reporting inappropriate content

We want this group to be an enjoyable and positive experience so please report any content which you feel to be inappropriate.

Those reading messages on the website can report content by using the more option which immediately follows the message in question.

Those reading messages by email can contact the moderators by using the contact owner link at the bottom of any email.

Thank you for your cooperation,

the BCA committee.