Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People


Top down view of tactile  chess set

Visually impaired players use a tactile set which they are allowed to touch during play. Our sets are made for us by Chess Baron to our own specification and are suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced tournament players.

The dark squares are approximately 5mm higher than the dark squares and the black pieces can be identified by a small spike carved directly out of the wood.

The pieces have a peg in the base which fits into a hole in the middle of each square. We carefully check the fit of all pegs before shipping to ensure that the pieces are not too loose or too tight.

Side-on  view of tactile chess set

We currently have pegged Staunton sets available in two sizes. A 25cm board at £42 and a 33cm board at £52. Visually impaired members who live in the UK can buy their first set at a discounted price of £30 or £40.

How to buy

To purchase a chess set please contact the technical sub-committee with the size of set you require. Once we have confirmed availability, you can pay by bank transfer using the following details:

Account name: Braille Chess Association
Sort code: 40 52 40
Account number: 00082456

To pay by cheque please contact our treasurer or call 0114 230 5995

You can read our refund policy here.

Suggestions for improvement

We welcome suggestions for improvements or variations on the design of chess sets. To make suggestions or for more information contact the technical sub-committee.