Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People


Front view of DGT Echo

The ECHO is a talking digital chess clock made by Digital Gaming Technologies. It is identical to the ubiquitous DGT 3000 clock except that the time is spoken through an earpiece for those who cannot see the display. Like the DGT 3000, this clock is officially endorsed by FIDE (the world chess federation) and suitable for international events.

The clock is easy to program for visually impaired players and a sighted person familiar with the DGT 3000 needs no additional training. These clocks also enable visually impaired players to use incremental time controls which is impossible with a tactile clock.

Side view of DGT Echo

How to buy

We sell these clocks with a subsidy of £60 to our visually impaired members who are resident in the UK. This is only available to members purchasing their first digital clock and is not available to those who received a subsidy on a different model of clock.

To purchase an Echo please contact the technical sub-committee. Once we have confirmed availability and price, you can pay by bank transfer using the following details:

Account name: Braille Chess Association
Sort code: 40 52 40
Account number: 00082456

To pay by cheque please contact our treasurer or call 0114 230 5995

You can read our refund policy here.


The Echo is very easy to program and use, although there are some things a visually impaired user needs to know. We recommend visually impaired users read our DGT Echo guide.

The DGT Echo is essentially a DGT 3000 clock with the added feature that messages are spoken through earpieces. Sighted players and arbiters experienced with the 3000 clock can use the Echo without further reading. For those with no experience, we recommend reading the DGT 3000 manual.