Alternative BCA British Championship and Chairman’s Cup

Saturday 21st August - Saturday 2nd October 2021

Following the cancellations of last summer’s Chairman’s Cup, and this year’s combined British Championship and Chairman’s Cup, we are following on from recent tournaments by holding this year’s combined event by telephone, Skype, or other internet based platform. Telephone will be the default method of play.

The tournament will run over six weeks, with one round per week at a mutually agreed time between both players. Each player will have 1 hour 45 minutes for all moves. Players will be able to take either one or two byes if they wish in round one to five, and will be able to arrange this at fairly short notice.

The tournament will be open to all members and associate members of the BCA. The title of BCA British Champion will be awarded to the highest placed visually impaired UK player. The Chairman’s Cup will be awarded to the highest placed member or associate member whose most recent published grade is 1750 or below (equivalent to 140 or below under the old ECF grading system). Depending on the entries, we may be able to incorporate a Challengers’ section. Whether or not this is possible, the tournament will be a friendly and fairly informal event and we would urge as many members and associate members to “have a go” regardless of their playing strength. Games will not be graded unless a sufficient number of the participants are in favour of sending them for grading. Note that we are not referring to the ECF OTB grading system but to a completely separate ECF system for grading games played online.

Please let Gill Smith have your entry by Saturday 7th August, giving full contact details and which playing platforms you are able to use. If you have a preference, please also say whether or not you’d like the games to be sent for grading. By entering this tournament, you are deemed to have consented to sharing your relevant contact details with all participants and the arbiters. The arbiters will be Gerry Walsh and Julie Leonard.