Monday 10th May to Sunday 8th August 2021

Following the unavoidable postponement of our over the board event this summer, we are holding another Telephone Email Skype Summer Ladder tournament - TESSLa for short! The 2020 TESSLa proved very popular and enabled members of all abilities to have fun playing as much chess as they wanted on any mutually convenient platform while remaining safe at home. Some people played half a dozen games, others got through over sixty!

The format will be broadly the same as last year. Players challenge each other in order to gain points or move up the ladder. However, the rules will be tweaked slightly, for example to recognise the contribution of third-party timekeepers. In single session games, the players will decide the rate of play with the maximum number of minutes per player being 90, the minimum being 60 and 75 being the default. In games where moves are transmitted one at a time, players should make at least one move per game per day. Games will not be graded.

Last year, people played on Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp, as well as by telephone and email. This year Lichess is increasingly popular so will no doubt be used too. We anticipate that participants will be able to play on their preferred platform most of the time so don’t let the possibility of having to play a game or two on another platform deter you from entering. Hopefully, as many members as possible will join forces to prove that we won’t let coronavirus deprive us of our chess! It’s a great way to keep in touch with BCA friends and make some new ones.

The TESSLa positions and current scores will be published on our email user group at regular intervals and those without email can telephone the controller to get latest news. The tournament will end at midnight on Sunday 8th August. There will be four TESSLa winners: The player on the top rung of the ladder, the player with the highest number of game points, the highest placed player with an ECF rating 1450 or less, the player with an ECF rating of 1450 or less who has accumulated the highest number of points.

The tournament is open to all members of the BCA, including associate and overseas members. To enter, please contact the controller, Gerry Walsh, and provide the following information:

By entering this event participants are deemed to have consented for the controller to give their contact details to all other participants. The deadline for entries is Saturday 8th May. Players may join the event after it has started and anyone doing so will be placed on the bottom rung of the ladder.