Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People


There is nothing our members like more than playing chess face-to-face. We normally run three over the board (OTB) events every year. A five round tournament in the spring played over a weekend, a seven round tournament in the Summer played over a full week and a second five round tournament in the autumn played over a weekend.

The summer event alternates between the British Championship and the Chairman's Cup. The latter event is limited to players with a rating below 1750. As with our theme-break, the summer event includes a program of entertainments and other activities for those who either need a break from the chess or just come along for the holiday. Entertainments often take the form of quizzes, informal concerts, games other than chess, and in recent years a murder mystery. One evening is reserved for the “Soirée” where members show off their own talents.

During the COVID 19 pandemic it was impossible to put on over-the-board events. You can read about the remote events which replaced our normal program by following the previous link.


Please read the booking procedure before paying for an event.

British Championship & Chairman's Cup, 19th to 26th June 2022
Held in memory of Sheila & David Milsom
The Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth
Organised by John and Pam Jenkins

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BCA Spring Congress, 18th March to 20h March 2022, Derby

1George Phillips411.5|15.5|23.5Osborne B 1Lovell B 0.5Chambers W 0.5Fullwood W 1Andrews B 1
2Stan Lovell411.5|14.5|21.5Ibanez B 1Phillips W 0.5Murphy B 0.5Hague W 1Smith B 1
3Richard Murphy3.512|15.5|20.5Smith W 1Hague B 1Lovell W 0.5Andrews W 0.5Chambers B 0.5
4Colin Chambers3.511|14|18.5Lawton B 1Jones W 0.5Phillips B 0.5Ibanez W 1Murphy W 0.5
5 Norman Andrews310.5|12.5|11.5Fullwood W 0.5Ryan B 1Jones W 1Murphy B 0.5Phillips W 0
6Mark Hague39|14.5|14Koohnavard B 1Murphy W 0Osborne B 1Lovell B 0Ibanez W 1
7John Osborne37|12|10Phillips W 0Smith B 1Hague W 0Ryan B 1Rafferty B 1
8Tony Lawton2.55|8.5|4Chambers W 0Rafferty B 0Ryan W 1Koohnavard B 0.5BYE 1
9Malcolm Jones27.5|12.5|9.5Rafferty W 1Chambers B 0.5Andrews B 0Smith W 0Fullwood B 0.5
10Bittor Ibanez27|14.5|8Lovell W 0Fullwood B 1Koohnavard W 1Chambers B 0Hague B 0
11John Fullwood26|13|9Andrews B 0.5Ibanez W 0Rafferty W 1Phillips B 0Jones W 0.5
12Philip Rafferty26|9.5|5Jones B 0Lawton W 1Fullwood B 0BYE 1Osborne W 0
13Nedda Koohnavard25.5|8.5|3.5Hague W 0BYE 1Ibanez B 0Lawton W 0.5Ryan B 0.5
14Gill Smith25|12.5|4Murphy B 0Osborne W 0BYE 1Jones B 1Lovell W 0
15Lea Ryan13|10.5|2BYE 0.5Andrews W 0Lawton B 0Osborne W 0Koohnavard W 0.5