Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2001

Edited by Peter Price
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On a monthly basis, I will send a cassette of annotated games, either from my own personal games, or those of top professional ones, to Derek Spink, who will make this cassette available to any BCA member. This cassette aims to give lesser graded players a chance to hear how a higher graded player thinks and analyses his games. All I ask for providing this service is that a nominal price of 50p per cassette shall be paid into BCA funds, equalling an annual fee of £6. Anyone interested in joining the "commentated games" should give their name to Derek Spink, who should be thanked for aiding me in providing this service.

I am also willing to run a similar service via e-mail or floppy disc. Anyone wishing to receive the material in either of these media, they should contact me.

As an additional service, anyone wishing for any of their games to be analysed by me, may do so on condition that a small donation is given to BCA funds. This includes any personal games as well as those played in the Roger Waters Challenge.

Chris Ross.