Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - May 2001

Edited by Peter Price
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For the first time in recent years we see an upward trend in the state of our finances. This is largely due to the excellent start made by our fund-raiser, Julia Scott, and we recently decided to increase the hours she works for us from 8 to 12 per month with the option to allocate extra hours

for specific projects when appropriate. We have not been able to organise regular collections at shopping centres but to a large extent this has been replaced by a variety of initiatives by individual members and groups of members. The millennium draw and the sale of T-shirts by Wendy Holmes, the Roger Waters Challenge, bingo organised by the Hodgkins family and a plant sale by Pat and Bill Armstrong are just a few of the enterprising ideas cooked up during the past few months. Chris Ross is now offering tuition on tape or e-mail to members who are prepared to make a small donation to th

We are hopeful that with this mix of professional and voluntary enterprise we will be able to maintain a steady income which will enable us to keep up our service to members and to support a fresh recruitment drive and to revitalise our youth development programme. The steady growth we experienced during the 80s and into the mid-90s is flagging. We seem to have succeeded in putting our finances on a firmer footing whilst at the same time our membership is waning. Now is the time for another concerted effort to bring on board new members both young and old. Just as each and every one of you can be a fund-raiser, each and every one of you can be a recruiting officer. With your help we can keep the good ship "BCA" on course and under a good head of steam, without it we will find ourselves in the doldrums.

Stan Lovell.