Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - November 2002

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Edited by Peter Price
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Dear Editor, I was most surprised to read in the May Gazette such a small obituary to Bill Burgham. I had prepared this letter for the August edition, but I understood from the grapevine that the news of his death was received very late and would go under Stop Press and that a fuller report would appear in the next edition.

However, as this was not the case, I would mention that Bill was the organiser of the Ladder Table until his retirement in the mid 1990s - the Ladder Table then being far more popular than it is today. Bill gave a great deal of help to new members, especially in showing them how to carry out correspondence chess, to do Forsyth diagrams besides encouraging them in their chess and helping them a lot in their moves and openings.

I understand that Bill also gave a great deal of help in the International Chess Congress at Hastings in the early 1980s.

Bill was also a keen musician and he used to play carols in Sunderland at Christmas time on his organ, of which I have a tape.

I am sure that there must be much more in the archives of the BCA about Bill's help in the past.

Yours etc.

Geoff Patching.

Editor replies:

It is always reassuring to receive feedback from readers. Perhaps your editor did not cast the net sufficiently wide to acquire a fuller obituary: I am grateful to our correspondent for partially making up for this omission.