Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - February 2005

Sponsored by The Leeds Hospital Fund Charitable Trust
Edited by Peter Price
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The BCA Autumn Tournament took place at the Garth Hotel, Stafford, from the 19th to the 21st of November 2004. Although billed as an international event, the overseas contingent was low this year, perhaps due to the recent Olympiad in Spain. However, it was pleasing to welcome back Sean Loftus from Ireland and, in particular, four players from India, who demonstrated a great enthusiasm for the game of chess by travelling so far to play in a week-end tournament.

The hotel was comfortable, the food was good and the staff friendly. Owing to the fact that the hotel is due to close in the new year, the number of staff serving at mealtimes was not always adequate, resulting in slow service on occasions. Those who served us were very willing and co-operative in the circumstances. Once again, this highlights the precarious nature of the task undertaken by Stan and Jan Lovell in finding suitable hotel accommodation for our tournaments, as it is not possible to predict situations such as this in advance.

The tournament was once again very well handled by Gerry Walsh and Peter Gibbs. 27 players took part in the Open and 10 in the Minor. We were allocated a very spacious tournament room, and there was bottled water available during the playing sessions.

On Saturday evening a bring and buy sale took place. This had been organised by Caroline Crombie, Celia Gibbs, Pauline Wragg, Ruth Carlin and Jan Lovell. Sheila Milsom ran the customary raffle, which was drawn just before the last round on Sunday afternoon. As always, many thanks are due to all concerned for their time spent in raising valuable funds for the BCA.

On a personal note, having been absent from BCA events for some time, it was very heartening to find that nothing has changed in respect of the warmth and friendship offered by the membership. It was good to meet up with old friends, and to meet others for the first time. The event was well run in a cordial and friendly atmosphere throughout.

Voldi Gailans.

Tournament results were as follows.

Open: Mordue came first with 4.5 out of 5, with Lilley second on the same score. Other scores were, Ross and Hilton 4; Lovell 3.5, (grading prize); Loftus, D’Mello, Crombie, Thacker, Hodgkins, and Chan (grading prize) 3; Gallagher, Pawaskar, Murphy, Phillips, Williams, Smith 2.5; Wragg, Whitehouse, Kirkham and Irving 2; Kharat, Price, Gailans, and Sobers 1.5; Patel 1; and Perham 0.5.

Minor: Kidals R. 5; Brown C. 4; Kidals J., Osborne and Hague (grading prize) 3; Watkins, Patching and Brown B. 2; Harrington and Hodges 0.5.

Results in full.


Mordue and Lilley tied for first place with 4.5 points, but, on the tie-break system, Mordue won the Ted Williams Memorial Shield.

Ross and Hilton tied for 3rd place with 4 points, sharing third prize.

Lovell 3.5 won grading prize A; Chan 3 won grading prize B.

3 points: Crombie, D’Mello (India), Hodgkins, Loftus (Ireland), Thacker.

2.5: Gallagher, Murphy, Pawaskar (India), Phillips, Smith, Williams.

2: Irving, Kirkham, Whitehouse, Wragg.

1.5: Gailans, Kharat (India), Price, Sobers.

1: Patel (India).

0.5: Perham.


Richard Kidals 5/5, first prize.

Chris Brown 4, second prize.

John Kidals and John Osborne shared third prize of 3 points each.

Mark Hague 3 won the grading prize.

2 points: Bob Brown, Patching, Watkins.

0.5: Harrington, Hodges.