Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2005

Edited by Peter Price
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.


By the time you read this two new recordings will be in the library from me: the four pawn variation of the King’s Indian defence (5 cassettes, a very worthwhile system to confront your opponents with if you have problems with the usual variations, as most players seem to have); the Veresov-Richter opening - 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nc3 d5 3 Bg5 - (7 cassettes, a system already popular with some of our members). Both recordings are tone-indexed and include a taped index of variations which will enable you to find the variations you want with the help of cue-and-review without too much trouble.

May I also remind you that a recording of annotated games between blind players from IBCA tournaments is now in the library on 4 cassettes. This should be a “must” for our Olympiad squad and those who aim to get there, but, of course, the games are also enjoyable in their own right without an ulterior motive.

Next time I hope to tell you about a most exciting new book which is nearing completion. Watch this space!

Hans Cohn.