Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2005

Edited by Peter Price
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MarchNo 8Derek Spink

AprilNo 4Chrissie Brown

May No 26Stephen Thacker

Sorry, June is not drawn yet as I am reconciling current paid up membership. Draw will be made by the 30th June and a cheque will be with the lucky winner early July.

Recently, I received a few new subscribers and I Thank You for the support. Remember it costs £12 per annum and you have 12 chances, one a month, of winning a prize of £35. The odds are good in that we only have 70 or so members. I would like to see the odds go to 100-1 E.g. 100 Members. Then the shrewd Members who have 2 Numbers in the draw have odds of 50-1 every month so for any knowledgeable gamblers (non-professional of course!) you may be able to give us the odds of winning at least once in any 12 month cycle. I suspect the odds are very attractive!

So, all we need now is another 25-30 Members, Family or Friends to send a cheque for £12 for entry in the next months draw. We may soon break our century! If I could have a volunteer from our membership to administer this, I would very much be tempted to help especially when I receive the tremendous odds on winning. You will understand the embarrassment if I (as Treasurer) pulled out my own winning Number say, 3 times in one year. Yours, Richard

In summary or as our lovely Delia Smith would sum up or perhaps appropriately ’ave it, “come-on - Letsbeavenue”. Of course, the same plea goes to you regarding ideas on fundraising or perhaps a few organisational names which we could consider writing to in your area.

Richard Kidals, BCA Treasurer.