Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2006

Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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A thank you letter from Peter Price

Dear all,

Just before the prize-giving ceremony for the above tournament, Peter Gibbs, on behalf of the BCA, presented me with a large and heavy package; He accompanied this with some very kind words about me retiring as gazette editor.

Working in liason with our good secretary, Juliet had spent a great deal of time in tracking down some memorable gifts for me and then in wrapping them meticulously in lovely gold paper. Also enclosed was a specially brailled card with some touching words of appreciation.

Opening the package at home revealed:

1) a fine wooden container for CDs, no more plastic covers slipping and sliding about and ending up on the floor;

2) a CD of the romantic poets, surely to be a permanent source of quotations;

3) a beautifully decorated tin of upmarket organic biscuits, and

4) a very special bottle of St. Peter’s fruit beer, a rare brew.

I am really most grateful to the BCA for these presents which I shall variously deploy and enjoy. It was Cicero who said: ‘gratitude is the greatest of all virtues and the parent of all others’. With this thought in mind, I wholeheartedly express my thanks to you all

With very best wishes, yours sincerely,