Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2006

Edited by Guy Whitehouse
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.

Treasurer’s and Fundraising Report to the BCA as at 31st March 2006.

Since the AGM the BCA Accounts have been sent to the Charities Commission. Anyone can have access to the Charities Commission via its web site and a huge amount of information is made available to the general public on the huge number of charities that exist in the United Kingdom. They are also very good at providing this information in various formats to address the needs of hearing and visual impairment.

Funds have reduced since my last report due predominantly to the Paignton Hotel costs relating to the Stephen Eastwick-field Memorial Event held during a week in May.

Fundraising from Charitable Trusts and other organisations continues with the tremendous efforts by Julia Scott although predicting amounts continues to be uncertain.

Once again can I ask you all: Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Julia Scott if you think of, or know about a potential Donor in your area. It is important that we try to approach this in a professional and coordinated way as far as possible.

Telephone Banking

For those members who prefer to make payments by telephone banking or via their internet connection. The BCA bank account details you will need to make payments are the BCA Sort Code, Account Number and a reference, which must be used when paying the BCA.

Sort Code:40-52-40


Millennium Prize Draw Winners:

AprilAllan Davey. No.59

MayGeraldine Gailons. No.69

Given continued and almost non-stop focus on fundraising not only by the BCA but also by numerous other not-for-profit Organisations, I take this opportunity to remind Members of the purpose and objectives of this sub-committee when it was formally set up.

Members of the BCA are very welcome to suggest or propose new ideas for helping us achieve the following goals of this sub-committee. Please feel free to contact any member of this committee if you can help.

Membership, since inception on 1st April 2005, has included Richard Kidals (Chair), Alec Crombie, Richard Murphy, Julia Scott and Norman Wragg

Statement of Purpose

1. To provide information and advice on financial and fundraising matters for the main committee and others as required.

2. To contribute to the development of the BCA’s three year Business Plan.

3. To help in the implementation of the Business Plan and to undertake other tasks as directed by the main committee.

4. To help guide Julia's work by identifying what funds will be required for particular projects/tournaments.

5. To help raise the profile of the BCA and to explore new ways of generating funds.

6. To communicate with BCA members in order to raise their financial awareness.

7. To ensure that good financial management is applied at all times.

Richard Kidals B.A. (Hons) ACMA; FCIS.