The Gazette - August 2008

Sponsored by the Ulverscroft Foundation
Edited by Guy Whitehouse
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.

  1. Editorial
  2. New Booking Procedure
  3. Forthcoming Events
  4. Belgium Open, 2008
  5. Irish Open Tournament 2008
  6. Mainstream Events in Hotels
  7. Event for National Braille Week
  8. BCA Team in Crete for IBCA Olympiad
  9. Grass Roots Players in Mainstream Chess
  10. Millennium Club
  11. Membership of Sub-Committees
  12. Membership Secretary’s Report
  13. Notes on ICCF Server and Tournament Director’s Report
  14. Coaching Project
  15. Fight to the Finish at AGM Tournament
  16. SPECTRUM CHESS at Hereford
  17. The 4 Nations Chess League 2007-2008
  18. IBIS Haaksbergen Tournament, Friday 18th to Monday 21st April 2008
  19. Book of European Individual Championships in Durham
  20. Chris’s Puzzles
  21. Obituary for George Plechaty