Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - November 2009

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Death of Mary Bonham, MBE

Although the BCA’s connection to the Bonham family is primarily through the legendary Reginald D. Bonham, it does seem fitting to mention the recent death of his sister Mary, since she dedicated her life to improving the lot of blind people.

Mary died at Severn Heights Nursing Home in March this year. Born blind herself, she went on to a long teaching career, much of which was spent in specialist schools educating other blind children. In 1976 she became involved with the Worcestershire Association of the Blind, an organisation which she served for the next 28 years, 9 of which were spent as the organisation’s president. She is widely credited with having moved the organisation forward, and it is a fitting tribute to her that the Bonham hall, at the association’s Bradbury Centre, is named after both her and her brother Reginald.

Guy Whitehouse.