The Gazette - February 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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New Policy Proposed by Tournament Sub-committee and Approved by BCA Committee

Over the past few months the Tournament Sub-committee (TSC) which comprises of myself as chair, Stan Lovell, Gary Wickett, Steve Burnell, Sean O’Brien and Mark Hague, has been looking at ways to increase members’ participation at our over-the-board tournaments.

Although entries were up at the recent Peter Price Memorial Autumn International Tournament in November 2009, we had a poor turnout in the British Championship in August 2009.

At the recent October committee meeting the TSC proposed the following policy which the BCA committee approved and which came into effect on 31st October 2009.

Free entry to new UK-resident visually handicapped members at first BCA tournament: “Upon a new visually handicapped member who is a UK resident entering a BCA weekend tournament, they themselves and a sighted guide will receive free accommodation for Friday and Saturday night and free entry into the tournament. For a week long tournament they will receive for themselves and their sighted guide a £100 reduction from the price charged to BCA members.”

The TSC will review this policy from time to time.

David Hodgkins, chair of the tournament sub-committee.