The Gazette - August 2010

Sponsored by Sean O'Brien
Edited by Guy Whitehouse
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.


My thanks to Sean O’Brien for sponsoring the cost of this edition of the gazette. I had a special thank you message put on the front of the print edition and at the beginning of the audio, and I tried to have the same message put on the front of the Braille edition as well. If it did appear, it was put on in print, not in Braille as I’d asked. This is the second time that something like this has happened.

Recently the BCA got a welcome bit of good publicity. Peter Gibbs tells me that Malcolm Pein highlighted Colin Crouch’s selection for the IBCA team being sent to the 2010 FIDE Olympiad in his Daily Telegraph column, and then gave a win of Colin’s against a P. Stimpson. It’s always good to get the doings of BCA players out there to a wider audience. I’m sure we’d also like to congratulate Peter on being re-elected President of the Midland Counties Chess Union.

Meantime I’d be grateful if people could let me have contributions for the November edition by Sunday 4th October.

Guy Whitehouse.