The Gazette - August 2010

Sponsored by Sean O'Brien
Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Tournament Director’s Report

In my quest to explore the intriguing mysteries of the postal game, I promised to share some insights from the bird, the cat and the crocodile. Let us thus reverently tiptoe into the kingdom of the animals and discover what they can teach us about this mysterious game.

As I write on this beautiful June morning, my open window is awakened and serenaded by the sweet song of summer, and though the beautiful hum of the bees, with their deceptive sting, could teach us much about how to cunningly disarm our unsuspecting opponents, I choose to be tutored at the feet or the wings of our other flying friends, the bird.

August in its blithe buoyant garb is the perfect time for the middle game, where one’s own stamp and style is as varied as the music and colour of the myriad specimens of this great wonder of song and flight. The middle game is the quest to break free upon the wing and fly above one’s opponent, with the chirpy tune of the sweet sounding song of the happy projects of pending victory.

So as you leave the familiar paths of well trodden openings, and take to the wing and fly upon the unknown, may your endeavours give rise to success, and your wings be guided by the beautiful winds of victory.

Well, talk is cheep, and with such a bad pun, I will go straight to the scores.

40th BCA Championship

Premier – Group Leader David Hodgkins

Bryant-Hodgkins 0-1 Ruy Lopez 29

Hodgkins-Whittle 0-1 Queen’s Pawn 63

O’Brien-Whittle 0-1 Sicilian 38

Cohn-Hodgkins 0.5-0.5 English 36

Bryant-O’Brien 0-1 no details given

O’Brien-McElroy 0-1 Sicilian 28

McElroy-Phillips 0.5-0.5 King’s Indian 30

Scores: Les Whittle 5.5-7, Hans Cohn 4.5-5, David Hodgkins 4.5-7, Ernie McElroy 4-6, George Phillips 3.5-6, Sean O’Brien 2-7, Mike Hague 1-6, Lionel Bryant 0-6.

A change in the leader, and now that Ernie has drawn with George, it is a two horse race. At the bottom end of the Premier, Sean’s win against Lionel has now secured him a place in the Premier next year irrespective of his loss against Ernie.

Group A – Group Leader Gary Wickett

Patching-Pearce 1-0 Queen’s Gambit Declined 29

Pearce-Atherton 0-1 Queen’s Pawn 41.

Scores: Frank Atherton 3-3, Geoff Patching 2.5-3, Gary Wickett 2.5-4, Jason Pearce 0.5-4, Derek Spink 0.5-4.

My apologies go to Geoff, as in the last issue I somehow mistakenly recorded him as losing to Jason and temporarily robbed him of a point. The last game to be completed in this group is Geoff’s game with Frank, which is the crunch game that will decide who is promoted to the Premier next year.

Group B – Group Leader Mark Hague

Scores: Alec Crombie 4.5-5, Steve Brown 3.5-5, Mike McGuigan 2-3, Mark Hague 1.5-5, Eric Gallacher 1-4, David Rees 0.5-4.

No developments.

BCA League

Division 1 – Group Leader David Hodgkins

McElroy-Bryant 1-0 Giuoco Piano 20

Crombie-Mark Hague 0.5-0.5 English 44

Scores: Ernie McElroy 1-1, Alec Crombie 0.5-1, Mark Hague 0.5-1, Lionel Bryant 0-1.

Mark, a new member of Division 1, draws with Alec who was only a hair’s breadth away from winning the cup last year. Keep up the good work Mark!

Division 2 – Group Leader Mark Hague

Phillips-Gallacher 1-0 Unorthodox 12

Brown-Gallacher 1-0 King’s Gambit 17

S. Brown-McGuigan 1-0 Perks Opening 22.

Scores: Steve Brown 2-2, George Phillips 1-1, Mike McGuigan 0-1, Eric Gallacher 0-2.

I do apologize for yet another error, in the last issue I recorded George’s game with Eric as being a Division 1 game. Boy, I must have been tired! We are now down to just six players in Division 2, as Steve Hilton has informed me that due to other commitments, he wished to withdraw from the tournament.

Division 3 – Group Leader Gary Wickett

Cuthbert-Wickett 1-0 Bishop’s Opening 24

Wickett-Richardson 1-0 Unorthodox 15.

Scores: Jim Cuthbert 1-1, Gary Wickett 1-2, Allen Richardson 0-1.

The Bishop’s Opening is serving Jim well.

Friendly Games Ladder Table

Cuthbert-Patching 1-0 Bishop’s Opening 23

Patching-Hodges 1-0 Queen’s Pawn 29.

Leading scores: David Hodgkins 17, Gary Wickett 15, Orlando Sobers 14, Ernie McElroy 11, Frank Atherton 10.

As I have had no developments on the email games, I will report on that tournament in the November Gazette.

Gary Wickett.