The Gazette - August 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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News from the Technical Sub-committee

We finally have some good news on mechanical chess clocks. Garde have started to produce mechanical chess clocks with Braille on the clock face. Those who attended the recent Steve Eastwick-Field Memorial event will already know this.

The committee has decided to buy a batch of these clocks and it looks as if they will be made available to BCA members at £30 each. We are aware that some who have tried using the clock expressed a preference for having each of the last five minutes marked on the clock face. This could be difficult if it involves dismantling the clock, as almost certainly this will mean that the clock will be less robust when it has been put back together. The best solution would be for the factory to make this adaptation, but the committee has taken the matter on as a working brief.

Fortunately we have managed to gain a refund on the clocks which were not adapted.

Guy Whitehouse.