The Gazette - August 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Sub-committees 2010-2011

At the last committee meeting it was decided to leave most of the sub-committees unchanged.

Thus membership is as follows:

Finance and Fundraising

Alec Crombie (Chair), Norman Wragg, Gill Smith and Julia Scott;


Guy Whitehouse (Chair), Chris Ross and Alec Crombie;


Chris Ross (Chair), Shafeeq Ulhaq, Alastair Irving and John Gallagher;


David Hodgkins (Chair), Stan Lovell, Mark Hague, Gary Wickett, Sean O’Brien and Steve Burnell;

Grass Roots

Stan Lovell (Chair), Gary Wickett and Bill Armstrong.

The one change is to the Publications Sub-committee. Mark Kirkham continues to chair it, but the committee now consists of Voldi Gailans, Stan Lovell and George Phillips. Graham Lilley and Tyson Mordue will act as occasional consultants to the sub-committee.

Guy Whitehouse.