The Gazette - August 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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IBIS Haaksbergen Tournament, Friday 23rd to Monday 26th April 2010

This year the party going to the IBIS Tournament in the little Dutch town of Haaksbergen numbered seven BCA members. All of us met at Liverpool Street Station, London and caught the train and overnight ferry on Thursday 22nd April. Our party consisted of: myself, Clive and Phyllis Hodgkins, Phil Smith, Mike Murphy, Kieren Wood and Geoff Patching.

Our boat crossing went peacefully, as did all our train journeys in England and the Netherlands. We were collected from Hengelo Station by our host families and later that evening we met up at the Kopen (theatre/community building) where the chess is held. This meant we met old and new friends and were able to learn which table we were playing on and against whom.

On Saturday morning the tournament was opened by a dignitary of Haaksbergen who welcomed everybody to the tournament. After his speech the arbiter confirmed the tournament rules, and then, in accordance with custom, the dignitary made the opening move on table 1.

This year the numbers were slightly down, with only 14 tables and 58 players. There were 5 British players; their scores and tables were as follows:

David Hodgkins, table 3, 0.5-3, 4th on his table;

Kieren Wood, table 7, 0.5-3, 4th on his table;

Phil Smith, table 10, 2-3, 2nd on his table;

Mike Murphy, table 11, 3-3, 1st on his table;

Geoff Patching, table 14, 2-3, 2nd on his table.

The British team scored 8 out of a possible 15 points.

Once again the Friendship Plaque was not competed for. This is because the organisers of the tournament are trying to draw up rules on how the winner of the plaque should be decided. They are concerned that in its current format teams of different nationalities are not getting together to know each other. They are still open to ideas from players and it is hoped that the plaque will be contested in 2011. The organisers are also trying to look at ways to increase the number of players taking part in the tournament, especially visually impaired players.

On the Saturday evening the usual get-together was held at the chess venue and an enjoyable evening was had by all.

On Sunday afternoon, after the closing speeches and prize giving we departed from the venue with our host family for the remainder of our stay in Haaksbergen. On Monday morning our host families took us to Hengelo Station so we could start our journey back by train to the Hook of Holland to catch the overnight ferry back to Harwich.

I would like to sincerely thank Clive and Phyllis Hodgkins, Kieren Wood, Mike Murphy and Phil Smith for all the help and assistance they gave throughout the trip. Without their help and support the journey and organisation would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Next year the IBIS tournament will take place from Friday 15th to Monday 18th April 2011. All those who would like to go should notify myself, (by writing or by phone), no later than Friday 17th December 2010, hopefully with the name of a guide. Also when notifying me of your participation on the trip you should confirm whether you will be travelling with the organised party or making your own travel arrangements. If you are travelling with the organised party, this will mean departing from Harwich on Thursday 14th April and returning to Harwich on Tuesday 19th April 2011.

If you make your own travel arrangements I still need to be notified of your arrival and departure times from Hengelo so that I can notify the Dutch organisers of these arrangements.

David Hodgkins.