The Gazette - August 2010

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IBCA 6th World Cup 2010

This event took place in Calimanesti, Romania 20-28 April 2010. Due to volcanic ash restricting flight travel the UK were not able to send a team to this tournament. This was heart-breaking, as the Icelandic volcano coughed out its ash on Thursday 15th April and we were due to fly out on Monday 19th April via Munich. Travel restrictions came down immediately across the majority of Europe, grounding all flights without exception. A frantic, chaotic weekend then ensued, with travel arrangements being altered. Steve Hilton had to travel down by train from Glasgow to London, where myself, he and Bill and Pat Armstrong stayed in a Heathrow hotel, hoping and hoping for a break. However no improvement in the situation occurred and after some endlessly frustrating phone calls, negotiations with travel agents and the tournament organisers, the UK finally had to accept the sad reality of not being able to send a team to the World Cup. A couple of other countries also suffered like the UK.

However, the tournament still ran. The participating teams were: the Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania.

Final standings: The Ukraine 11 match points 20 game points; Poland 11 match points 19 game points; Serbia 7 match points 11 game points; Spain 5 match points 11 game points; Kazakhstan 5 match points 9 game points; Moldova 2 match points 6 game points; Romania 1 match point 7 game points.

Further details can be found on our website, where games from the World Cup can be downloaded.

Chris Ross - UK captain.