The Gazette - August 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Stephen Eastwick-Field Memorial Tournament 2010

Stan Lovell writes:

“This was held at the Whitehall Hotel, Bournemouth from 5th to 12th June 2010 with generous support from the Primary Club.

Sixteen players competed in two sections of 8 in seven round all-play-all events. In the top section competition was keen with the lead changing hands several times, and it was not until the final round that David Hodgkins established a half-point advantage which won him the tournament with 5.5 from 7 followed by Steve Thacker on 5 and Eamonn Casey and Phil Gordon equal third on 4.5. The grading prize went to Phil Smith.

Gary Wickett, George Phillips and David Gibbs set the pace in the second section with Gary eventually winning with an excellent score of 6.5 from 7 followed by George on 6 and David 5.5. The grading prize was shared by Ann Casey, who only learned to play in January of this year, and 21-year-old Mike Lowery, who was taking part in only his second competitive event. A promising performance by both.

Our Arbiter was Peter Gibbs assisted by his wife Celia and by Norman Andrews; our thanks to all three. Several members attended coaching sessions conducted by Tyson Mordue and Stan Lovell.

As usual in this event, there was a full social programme. The outing by coach to Swanage, with a trip by steam on the Swanage Railway to Corfe Castle was greatly enjoyed. A dozen visited a matinee at the Pavillion Theatre where Dawn, the hotel manager, was performing in the musical 'The Producers'. Phil Smith's 'Quiz with a difference' encouraged us to exercise our powers of lateral thinking, and Sheila's more conventional quiz was as popular as ever. Sixteen took part in the domino evening conducted by Clive Hodgkins and many others did a turn in the concert conducted by our master of ceremonies, Joan Shorrock. Sheila ran her usual raffle which raised £96 for our funds.

The success of any such event depends on those who attend and on those who provide the services and facilities. One cannot praise too highly our wonderful associate members who contribute so much to all the events they attend, and, in the Whitehall hotel, we have found the winning combination of excellent food and service being provided by the most helpful and friendly staff you could wish to meet. One of our members remarked he had never seen so many smiling faces among the staff of a hotel.

We are grateful to the Primary Club for the generous support they gave to this event and to David Bennett who spent most of the Sunday morning with us observing the games in progress and taking photos for the Primary Club newsletter and website.”

Editor’s note. I am grateful to Colin Chambers for sending the scores round the user group in his well established ‘Radio Cheltenham’ role.

Section A: Hodgkins 5.5, Thacker 5, Eamonn Casey and Gordon 4.5, Smith 2.5, Jenkins, Steve Brown and Voldi Gailans 2. Phil Smith won the grading prize.

Section B: Wickett 6.5, Phillips 6, David Gibbs 5.5, Patching 4, Lowery and Ann Casey 2, Harrington 1.5, Hodges 0.5. Michael Lowery and Ann Casey shared the grading prize.

Also: The Tournament Sub-committee have decided that from 2012 the tournament will not be called the Stephen Eastwick-Field Memorial Tournament any more. They are currently trying to come up with a new name for the event, and if you have any bright ideas they would be only too happy to hear from you. The Tournament Sub-committee leader is David Hodgkins.