The Gazette - August 2010

Sponsored by Sean O'Brien
Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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The Primary Club

The Primary Club is a cricketers’ charity that supports sporting activities for the visually impaired. Many will have heard the work of the Primary Club championed by the late Brian Johnson on test match commentaries, a practice still continued by Jonathan Agnue and the team.

We in the BCA have good reason to be grateful to the Primary Club for regular donations in support of the services we provide. Recent examples of the generous support we have received include: Sponsorship of our Gazettes; during 2009, Grants towards the costs of the Stephen Eastwick-Field Memorial Tournament 2010, our forthcoming Autumn Tournament at Harrogate and our youth development programme. From September, with the help of this grant, we are helping to set up a chess club at Dorton College for further education including the funding of a coach who will visit each week to give teaching and coaching to the students.

If all this inspires you to find out more about the Primary Club and, perhaps, to join and proudly wear their tie at the next BCA function, you can find more information by visiting their website at: or by telephoning 01799 586507.

Stan Lovell.