The Gazette - August 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Poems My Mother Taught Me To Recite

Tyson Mordue rang me to report that Reginald Bonham MBE had featured in a discussion column of a local newspaper called the Western Mercury. In response to a question as to whether there were any blind chessplayers of note, a Ramsay Baxter of Weston-super-Mare wrote in and described how “Bon”, as he was called, would regularly play twelve sighted opponents at a time. He also described how, on a bus journey to a match in Stourbridge, the conductor asked “Bon” for the fare only to be met with “queen takes pawn on king’s rook four” (he and a Worcester pupil were playing a game in their heads).

Ramsay went on to say that he had written and recorded a book called “Poems My Mother Taught Me To Recite”, and that copies could be obtained from New College, Worcester (proceeds to the college). The book is available in print or on CD at a cost of £7. If you want to buy both a print and a CD copy the cost is £12.

Guy Whitehouse.