The Gazette - August 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Coaching Projects

As an essential part of the BCA's development, we are attempting to extend our coaching facilities that we offer our membership. Naturally, to date, some other programmes have been initiated, but I wish to draw to your attention here two other projects that are currently occurring:

1. Coaching by Email.

At the present moment, we have a couple of volunteers, who would be willing to give coaching to people by email. That is, you are able to communicate to your coach via email and get general tips on reading advice, game analysis etc. Our volunteers will not charge for these services, but a small "thank-you" present, like a chess book or something would be appreciated. If anybody is interested in receiving such coaching by email, then please contact me and I will make the necessary arrangements and put coach and student in touch.

2. Online Coaching.

We have attempted to get this service up and running for some time now. We have used several methods, the latest being the for-the-people forum, which is an audible chat room service. However, the administrators of this service have proved challenging and we are looking into other methods such as Skype. Investigations are currently being made to figure out a way in which "conference" calls can be led and where, I, as main coach, can offer lectures and annotated games for free. This would be a monthly service and anything and everything can be discussed. Naturally, if nobody has any material to be perused, then I will give extensive coaching/commentary on a game/position.

I would like to hear from members who would be interested in the receipt of this new coaching facility. You will have to do this online and be subscribed to Skype. There may be another audio-based chat room service we could use, but I wish to scout first on the take-up on this service.

For both projects, can you please email me and let me know your interest?

Chris Ross.