The Gazette - November 2010

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Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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First Jorvic Congress

Two associate members of the BCA, Tristram Cole and Norman Andrews, and I participated in the first Jorvic Congress held in York from 1st to 3rd September. With Peter Cloudsdale, also an associate member, being the organiser of this event BCA were certainly well represented.

After six rounds Tristram was placed first on tie-break ahead of Alexander Comby, graded 181, who had just returned from a creditable 5 from 11 in the British Championship. Tristram, who was unbeaten, won the key encounter with Alexander in their second round match. Norman and I were also pleased with our results. I was placed third on tie-break and Norman fifth.

As I reported earlier, this was a congress with some interesting differences. It took place during the week. The games were of two hours playing sessions with each player having one hour for all moves. The extra time between rounds allowed for players to analyse their games which is not always possible with tighter schedules. Of particular interest to blind players, the event was all under one roof in a comfortable and friendly hotel at very reasonable costs: accommodation at £38 bed and breakfast with dinners at £8 if you took the dinner option three days following. Other refreshments both liquid and solid were also very reasonable. I will certainly keep you informed if Peter runs a similar event next year as I think many of our members could find the event as enjoyable and convenient as Tristram, Norman and I did.

This result is not the end of Tristram's current fame! In February he was a member of the Sheffield University team that scored a resounding victory over Newcastle University in the TV show, University challenge. He will next take the stage, along with his university colleagues in November.

Stan Lovell.