The Gazette - November 2010

Sponsored by Sean O'Brien
Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Membership Secretary’s Report

If any member who pays annually has not yet paid their annual subscription which became due on 1st October, it is imperative that they now forward their subscription to either myself or Gill Smith, our treasurer. Subscription rates are as follows: annual subscription £7, five year subscription £20, life subscription £50.

By the time you receive the gazette all members should have received a new copy of the membership list in your preferred medium, i.e. Braille, audio, normal or large print. If you have not received a copy or did so in the wrong medium, please contact me so that this can be rectified.

I have had to delete Adam Pritchard from the membership list and gazette database due to Julie Leonard having had his gazette returned on several occasions. Apparently he has moved to Germany and has not notified Julie or myself of a new forwarding address.

If anyone knows of a new address for the following five members as opposed to those which appear in the new membership list, it would be gratefully appreciated if you could let me know as their copy has been returned to me saying “gone away or not at this address.” The five members in question are Edward Claridge, Nathan Keen, Neil McQuillan, Thomas Murphy and Kathaleen Jackson.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that the guidelines below are followed. If a member moves and their details are not passed to me, it makes it extremely difficult to keep our membership and gazette records up to date.

If any person has details of a new member wishing to join the BCA, or you just have a change of address, however slight, or require to alter the medium in which you receive information, then please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary.

Obviously it is up to those playing correspondence chess to notify their opponents of any changes to their address or to their use of medium.

Deceased members.

Clive Hodgkins (associate life member), died 29 August 2010.

We have also just learned that Peter N. Sargent, a tape user, died some time in 2009.

David Hodgkins.