Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - August 2011

Edited by Guy Whitehouse
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Obituary for Morgan Drewell

I’m grateful to Derek Spink and Morgan’s widow, Paulene, for giving me the information I needed to write this small piece on Morgan who died on 26th March this year.

Morgan always had some sight but was still deemed eligible to attend Linden Lodge (our membership list has him as a Braillist). He began his working life in the motor industry before moving to British Rope and from there to Barclays Bank.

It was at Barclays that Morgan discovered chess. He played for the bank and in their tournaments and also joined the BCA. His attitude to chess was very relaxed; according to Paulene and Derek he didn’t care much about the results of games and seems to have played purely for enjoyment; in fact he is largely remembered for his help as a guide at tournaments in Germany, Haaksbergen, Ireland and Paignton. Apparently his key hobby was spoon collecting (teaspoons with pictures of the location he was visiting on them).

While we must always seek to improve the playing strength of our association, we must never forget that people like Morgan are essential to the success of our activities. In every gazette report on tournaments those who help out as guides are thanked and this is not just a formula, something put in reports merely as a courtesy. It is a sincere acknowledgement of the fact that such help is vital to what we do and an expression of gratitude for it. Thus Morgan certainly contributed to our association and to the enjoyment of our events and mainstream tournaments by our members.

Morgan is survived by his widow Paulene and two daughters.

Guy Whitehouse.