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The Gazette - May 2012

Edited by Rebecca Blaevoet
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.

Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

As most members will be aware, at the recent AGM in Bedford, I and Gary Wickett changed roles on the committee. I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity of congratulating Gary for the excellent job he has carried out within the post. I am sure that my reports might not be as humorous as Gary’s, but I will try my best to make sure that I try and live up to the mark.

One of the first undertakings I would like to perform is to update our BCA correspondence rules to bring them up to date and more in line with current methods. For some time, it has been thought that some of the clauses in our rules do not protect the best interest of correspondence play. I am going to take a close look at our postal rules and will place my version in the August Gazette for members’ comments.

Now down to the results. Please accept any apology if a result(s) has been missed in this Gazette. If you think it is the case please contact me in writing regarding this. It may have occurred in the changeover between Gary and me.

Please note: in the forthcoming 42nd Championship which is due to commence in January 2013, we may only have the premier and one challenger group due to lack of numbers.

BCA 41st Championship 2011-2012

Premier: Group leader, David Hodgkins;

McElroy—Whittle: 0.5-0.5; (Sicilian Dragon) 31.

Crombie-Cohn: 0.5-0.5; (Sicilian) 55.

Phillips—O’Brien: 0.5-0.5; (Vienna) 52.

Cohn-Whittle: 1-0; (Sicilian) 35.

Crombie-Phillips: 1-0; (Scotch) 36.

Scores: Alec Crombie: 4-5; Les Whittle: 2.5-4; Hans Cohn: 2-4; Ernie McElroy: 1.5-2; David Hodgkins: 1.5-2; George Phillips: 0.5-2; Sean O’Brien: 0.5-4.

Alec once again appears to be forging away at the top with Ernie making his presence known as usual and Les/Hans trying to keep pace. However, far too early to predict.

Group A: Group leader, Gary Wickett

McGuigan-Patching: 0.5-0.5; (Reti) 14.

McGuigan-Gallacher: 0-1; (Reti) 21.

Hague-McGuigan: 0-1; (Queen’s Indian defence) 31.

Gary Wickett: 3-4; Mike Hague: 2-3; Mike McGuigan: 1.5-4; Geoff Patching: 0.5-2; Eric Gallacher: 1-3.

Mike Hague needs to win his last game in order to defeat Gary Wickett on the tie-break for promotion to the Premier.

Group B: Group Leader, Mark Hague

This group was completed before the February Gazette and results appeared in there. Mark Hague winning promotion.

Division 3: Group Leader, Gary Wickett

Cuthbert-Couchman: 0-1 (no details).


Cuthbert-Patching: 0.5-0.5 (Bishop’s Opening) 28.

Patching-Couchman: 0.5-0.5 (no details).

Cuthbert-Wickett: 1-0; (Four Knights) 48.

Lightowler-Patching: 1-0; (Ruy Lopez) 34.

Patching-Wickett: 0.5-0.5; (Queen’s Gambit Declined) 48.

O’Brien-Wickett: 0-1; (King’s Gambit) 31.

Scores: Geoff Patching 14; Orlando Sobers 14; Ernie McElroy 12; Fran Atherton 10; Stephen Thacker 9; Roger Bishop 8.

David Hodgkins