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The Gazette - November 2012

Edited by Rebecca Blaevoet
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ECF Council Meeting, Sat October 13th, 2012

The usual 5 hour marathon, part of which was a discussion about the importance of substituting some phrase in line six of paragraph three of section 2(b) of agenda item 19.6 or something equally riveting. But I must have masochistic tendencies because I have just been campaigning to continue as Direct members representative, this time for Gold category members. My thanks to those in that category who voted for me. 120 Gold members took part in a ballot and with each voter having two votes I gained 93 votes, thus being elected for 2012-13.

I was also successful in nominating Roger Edwards as the next ECF President despite a strong attempt to oppose this led by an individual who held a total of 30 votes. Other significant elections included the appointment of a new finance director Chris Mattos whose tasks will include finishing the ongoing saga of the latest set of accounts which are well behind schedule for final audit. The meeting was faced with a choice in the area of FIDE delegates between Nigel Short advocating a confrontational approach to the present FIDE hierarchy and the more conciliatory style favoured by Rupert Jones. Bravely or rashly the meeting voted for Nigel by a substantial majority.

The most disturbing feature was the fact that there were three unfilled posts, those of Chief Executive, Director of International Chess and that of the combined role of Membership and Marketing Director. The first is vacant because no volunteer has emerged for the onerous task which can often earn more criticism than thanks. The last remains empty because the meeting felt insufficient confidence in the candidate Adam Raoof whose services were offered. His absence from the meeting counted against him.

On the more positive side, the membership scheme is running with no more than the inevitable problems of a radical change. The ECF has begun serious consideration of the move to charity status with the enforced separation of the amateur and professional game which might come under a new body, Chess England. An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held early in 2013 to discuss the matter further. There was a lot lot more but to recall it now might deprive me of the will to go to the next meeting.

Bill Armstrong