The Gazette - May 2014

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

At the recent Annual General Meeting the BCA Correspondence Rules were ratified. Alec Crombie will be issued with a trophy for winning League Division 1 for 2012/2013 and Frank Atherton a trophy for winning the 2013 Ladder Competition.

If any member has friendly game results and wants to participate in the 2014 Ladder Competition it is imperative that you inform me of the result, opening and amount of moves the game lasted.

If anybody has any queries regarding correspondence chess, or would just simply like more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Now on to the results:

42nd Championship - Premier Group

Group leader - David Hodgkins.

Hodgkins - Mark Hague - 0-1; (Queen’s Pawn) 32.

Mike Hague - Hodgkins - 0-1; (French) 39.

McElroy - Mark Hague - 0.5-0.5; (Caro Kann) 28.

Scores: Alec Crombie 5.5-6; Mark Hague 3.5-5; David Hodgkins 2.5-4; Les Whittle 2-3; Ernie McElroy 1.5-3; Hans Cohn 1-5; Mike Hague 0-6.

Congratulations go to Alec Crombie who cannot be caught, but there is a good battle for second place going on.

42nd BCA Championship - Challenger Group A

Group leader – Gary Wickett.

No further results to date.

Scores: David Mears 1-1; Gary Wickett 1-2; Derek Couchman 1-2; Geoff Patching 0-1.

42nd BCA Championship - Challenger Group B

Group Leader - Guy Whitehouse.

Phillips - Whitehouse - 0-1; (Dutch Defence) 24.

Scores: Stephen Brown 4-4; Guy Whitehouse 4-4; Denis Warren 1.5-5; George Phillips 1-3; Eric Gallacher 0.5-3; Jim Cuthbert 0-3.

BCA League Division 1

Group leader - David Hodgkins.

No results to date.

Alec Crombie, Mark Hague, David Hodgkins, Ernie McElroy, George Phillips, Guy Whitehouse all 0-0.

BCA League Division 2

Group leader - Denis Warren.

No results to date.

Stephen Brown, Eric Gallacher, Mike Hague, Derek Heyes, Mike McGuigan, Denis Warren all 0-0.

BCA League Division 3

Group leader - David Hodgkins.

Tew - Couchman - 0-1; (Queen’s Pawn) 10.

Scores: Derek Couchman 1-1; Eleanor Tew 0-1; David Mears 0-0; Geoff Patching 0-0; Jim Cuthbert 0-0.

Ladder Competition

Wickett - Tew - 1-0; (French) 50.

Scores: Stephen Thacker 9; Roger Bishop 8; Jim Cuthbert 7; Denis Warren 7; Gary Wickett 7; David Hodgkins 5.

David Hodgkins.