The Gazette - May 2014

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BCA Email Tournament

A BCA Email Tournament began on 1st April this year. Fourteen players have been split into three groups according to grade. The top two groups have five players each and the bottom group has four. With all games starting on 1st April, each player in the top two groups plays four games and in the bottom group each player has three games. The playing rate is 20 moves in thirty days, so there is time for participants to spread the load so as to avoid having too many moves per day. For this tournament there will be no prize or trophy, just bragging rights, but it is hoped that this will be the first of many and that future events will be contested for a trophy of some kind.

Email chess is great fun and has the virtue of allowing plenty of time for due consideration, without the constraints of the postal system and does not have the intensity of over-the-board play, providing instead a relaxed way to play chess which is quicker than playing by post.

I heartily recommend it to all members and greatly hope that future tournaments will flourish and that we will have massive entries.

Voldi Gailans