The Gazette - May 2014

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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Membership Secretary’s Report

Let me start by saying how delighted and surprised I was to receive so many kind comments regarding my attempt at poetry in the last report. Because I like to get in as many new members as possible, I always leave my report to the last minute and as a consequence it is always written in a bit of a rush. The poem had two endings: a proper ending which I was a little unsure of at the time, and a clunky Les Dawson type ending which I hoped would lend similar comic affect without the danger of being misinterpreted from the light hearted tongue in cheek nature to which the original was intended. However, after sending the report, I regretted that I didn’t insert the original ending as it was much better and I am sure will be received in the good natured spirit in which it was written. As this report once again starts with the AGM, I ask that you indulge my fancy and allow me to insert the poem again but with its original ending.

The daring daffodils dance in rapture upon the tender breeze

To the joyous music of bird song and bees.

Sweet perfume renewing the winter air,

Whilst blossom and leaf breathe relief to branches once bare.

The spirit of spring to but one thing directs the hearts of BCA women and men,

The pure delights and occasional fights of our unmissable AGM!

Needless to say the AGM went as smooth as butter, for me spread generously on the hot toast of a half point bye. With regards to this report, two things of note came out of this meeting. Firstly concerning the frequency of membership lists. The AGM was almost unanimous in its vote to keep the status quo as it was deemed that having a membership list printed every year, or even just a supplement in the interim years, would be an unnecessary expenditure of our funds.

However, in keeping with the tradition of publishing the membership list in the even numbered years, and as the last membership list should have been published in 2012 (please refer to November 2012 Gazette for reasons for delay), and added to the fact that we have recently seen a huge surge in new members, not to mention the also well documented errors that you will find in the last membership list, you should all receive a new membership list hopefully before the August Gazette.

The second item to come out of the AGM is that it gives me great pleasure to inform those who have not yet read the AGM report that Julia Scott is officially now an Honorary Member of the BCA. As many of you will be aware, Julia has worked as a fundraiser for the BCA for the last 15 years and in that time has remarkably raised almost half a million pounds for our organisation. It was a great joy therefore to see both Julia and her husband Roy at the AGM, where Julia received her Honorary Membership to huge applause.

In addition to Julia, we have had four other new members join.

Let me therefore also extend a very warm welcome to five year member Donna Jodham. In the whole of the 21 year history of the Chess Theme Break at Windermere, I would imagine that Donna has already broken the record for travelling the furthest to attend. Donna lives in Canada. It is also great to see that Donna has jumped straight into the saddle and entered our new email tournament. We love to see enthusiastic new members. As well as taking an interest in chess, Donna is also a professional author and I was thrilled to learn that sometime soon she may try her hand at writing some pages for the Gazette.

I would also like to extend a very warm welcome to Edward Polniak, who has also joined as a five year member. Although Edward has only recently taken up chess as a new hobby, our correspondence game is testimony to the fact that he seems to have taken to chess like a duck to water, and not like a rook to slaughter, as was my own experience eight or so years ago!

Keeping with the theme of new five year members, I would like to give a very warm welcome to John Dawson. John served in the Navy during the Second World War and will not mind me telling you that he has recently celebrated his 90th birthday. It is great to see that the BCA 90 plus club is growing fast! John plays for Linton in the Bury Chess League and has recently purchased one of our talking clocks.

Finally, let me extend a very warm welcome to Iki Nahaboo who has joined us as a life member. Iki is a former Worcester College boy and apparently was in the same form as Voldi and therefore would have been taught by the legendary Reginald Bonham. Iki, like me, is a Merrick man. Therefore, if anybody has any spare Merrick sets that they don’t need, please contact Iki and you never know, you may even be able to convert your unwanted set into cash!


I have not been notified of anyone moving address since the last Gazette. If anybody does move address or has any changes to their email address etc, please let me know so I can keep members updated.