The Gazette - May 2014

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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Email Gazettes

At the AGM, several members declared that they no longer wish to receive their Gazettes by post and will switch to email instead. Many members are already in receipt of the email version and find it a convenient way to store back issues and search for articles. In these times of rising production costs and postal charges, I would ask everyone who has access to email to consider receiving their Gazette electronically. You can request an email copy in addition to your Braille, audio or print version if you wish. Eventually, you may decide to cancel your non-email version but there is absolutely no obligation to do so. Please do not feel that this article is an attempt to pressurise members into switching to email. If you enjoy your Braille, audio or print Gazette then we shall be delighted to continue sending it to you in your chosen format. However, if you, or people in your household, receive by post a version that is barely read, please do think about whether you really need that copy.

If you are interested in having the Gazette via email, either alongside or instead of the one you currently get, or if you wish to change the format in which this publication is sent to you please email me or inform the membership secretary.

Julie Leonard.