The Gazette - May 2014

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Edited by Julie Leonard
The views expressed in the Gazette do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the BCA, nor those of the editor.

Forthcoming Events

31st May to 7th June 2014 - BCA Chairman's Cup. Whitehall Hotel, Exeter Park Road, Bournemouth

Entry fee £10. Cost of accommodation to members and associate members of BCA: £250. The cost to those booking 1 to 4 days will be: £52.50 per day. The cost to non members of BCA will be £320 for the week.

The Chairman's Cup is open to all visually impaired players whose grade or estimated grade is 140 or below and to BCA associate members within the same grading limit. The event is played over 7 rounds with one round each day. Players may request a half point bye in any one of the first six rounds. If there are sufficient numbers there will be a major section and a minor section.

By the time you read this the closing date for entries will have passed so bookings will be subject to a late booking fee (see Booking Conditions and Procedures). However if you are interested and want to enquire whether a room is available, please contact the tournament organisers, John and Pam Jenkins

31st October to 2nd November 2014 - The Sean and Pat O'Brien Memorial Tournament.

The 2014 International Autumn Tournament weekend will be dedicated to the memory of Sean and Pat O’Brien who together contributed enormously to the running of the BCA over many years. Pat died in 1998 and Sean in 2013 (see Sean’s obituary in the August 2013 Gazette). Sean remembered the BCA in his will and left us a very generous legacy. The weekend will provide an opportunity for us to remember two very popular and hard working members of the BCA.

In Autumn 2014 we will be returning to the very popular Hallmark Derby Hotel with its excellent facilities and convenient location, close to Derby railway station. There will be a five-round chess tournament open to all blind and partially sighted players and to associate members of the BCA. It will consist of a major open event, and a minor event limited to players whose grade (or estimated grade) is 110 or below. The tournament entry fee will be £10.

The cost of accommodation, including dinner, bed and breakfast, for members and associate members is £35 per person per night in a shared room and £39 single. The cost for non-members and for those staying the Sunday night will be £50 per person per night for a shared room and £56 for single occupancy. Please send bookings and room requirements to Gill Smith by 7th September 2014.

Mark Hague and Lea Ryan, tournament organisers


Booking Conditions and Procedures

Those who make payment into the BCA’s account on-line or by direct bank transfer should make sure their payment is cleared by the closing date. When this has happened inform the treasurer your payment has been made and include your booking requirements as outlined below.

If paying by cheque, cheques should be made payable to the Braille Chess Association. Building society cheques should have the name of the sender clearly marked. Postdated cheques are not accepted.

If paying by BACS transfer, payments should be made to:

Braille Chess Association, Sort Code: 40 52 40, Account Number: 00082456

Bookings accepted after the closing date are subject to a £10 late booking penalty for each person. Late bookings and entries are accepted at the discretion of the organiser. Bookings are confirmed when full payment has been received by the Treasurer, Gill Smith, or when the money has been received by the BCA bank.

Payments can only be refunded within the time limit set in the terms and conditions set by the various hotels. Members are advised to take out holiday insurance to cover themselves.

When sending your payment to the treasurer, please include details of your booking requirements including:

1 Single room, double room or twin room;

2 If you prefer a bath or a shower;

3 If you prefer a room in which you may smoke. Please note many hotels now adopt a no smoking policy;

4 If you will be bringing your guide dog;

5 If you are on a special diet;

6 If you have mobility problems and would benefit from being located in a room near to a lift;

7 If you are a wheelchair user;

8 If you feel you would have any special difficulties in an emergency such as a fire evacuation;

9 Any other special requirements.

There is no need to send your requests to the organiser as Gill will do this, but you may, of course, contact the organiser on any point. Please do not make special requests to the hotel as this causes confusion.

Please note: the BCA reserves the right to refuse or cancel any entry or to exclude any person from any event it runs.