The Gazette - May 2014

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Edited by Julie Leonard
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Good News for Congress Support Users

Some good news for those who attend mainstream events. Due to a generous donation to the Congress Support Scheme, it was decided at the committee meeting on 12th April that eligible members will now be able to claim an extra £75 under the scheme. This means that with immediate effect, users of the scheme will now be able to make two claims of up to £150, or to attend three or four congresses if they wish to claim the lower amount of up to £75.

Apart from the extra money allocated, all other terms of the Congress Support Scheme remain the same. However, at that meeting, it was decided to dissolve the Congress Support Sub-committee and Mark Kirkham has now taken over the role of overseeing congress support. Please therefore, contact Mark if you wish to make any claims under the scheme.

You will appreciate that this is a very quick report, as it was important to get this announcement into the May Gazette. However, a more comprehensive report will be provided by Mark Kirkham in the August Gazette.

Gary Wickett