The Gazette - August 2015

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Membership Secretary’s Report

Firstly, all the way from Barcelona, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Teresa Codina who has joined us as a five year member. It seems quite some time since Teresa joined but, due to March being a very busy month, unfortunately she just missed getting into the May Gazette by a hair’s breadth. It is an added pleasure to welcome Teresa to the BCA, for although our overseas membership currently spans 12 countries and four continents, Teresa is our only member from sunny Spain. Users of the E-group will have already been acquainted with Teresa as she has already proven to be a valued contributor. Together with her love of chess, Teresa is also a keen Braille reader.

I would also like to extend a very warm welcome to new associate member Neil Peace. I understand Guy met Neil at a local eating place during the British Championship. Being apparently fascinated to hear and learn more about the BCA, Neil came along with Guy to the Auckland Hotel to meet some of the players and see the BCA in action. We must have made a good impression as Neil has subsequently signed up for a year’s membership and has since expressed to me that he hopes to play in some of our tournaments.


After just getting our heads around the tragic news of the premature death of David Hodgkins, we were then once again shaken by the dreadful news of the sudden and untimely death of Colin Crouch, who passed away on 17th April. Colin joined the BCA in 2006 and very quickly became a familiar face at our events. You can read about his achievements and the contributions he made to the BCA in his obituary. As an International Master, Colin was well known and respected in the chess world as a whole and it goes without saying he will be greatly missed.

It is also my sad duty to report the passing of Honorary Member, Fred Reader. It has come to light that Fred actually passed away way back on 20th November 2005, but unfortunately the correspondence sent to us at the time never reached us. Thus I can only apologise profusely for the extreme delay in conveying this sad news in the Gazette. As I joined the BCA in November 2005, I unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting Fred and therefore know very little about him apart from what I can glean from my records in that he was made an Honorary Member in March 1999. However, there will definitely be members out there that did know Fred and will hopefully liaise with our editor about writing something for the November Gazette.

Finally, with great sadness, I regret to inform those who haven’t already heard of the sad passing of Alan Davey on 30th June. Alan had been a member of the BCA for many years. I first met Alan in Paignton back in 2006 at my debut BCA tournament. I instantly clicked with him as he was a great character with a very relaxed attitude to both life and chess alike. I have a very pleasant memory of chatting with Alan in the garden of the hotel, and as I enjoyed the beautiful aroma of his pipe tobacco, he coolly joked, “I only play chess to be sociable”. Due to ill health, Alan hasn’t attended any of our events for a few years now, but in the days when he was able to attend, as well as being fairly useful on the chess board, he was also always happy to guide and help people wherever he could. A cheerful chap and always a great favourite at the BCA soirées as he was a born comedian. Rest in peace.

Editor’s Note: An obituary for Alan Davey will appear in the November issue. Please do contact me if you are able to provide any information for Fred Reader’s obituary.

Gary Wickett