The Gazette - August 2015

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Windermere 2015 Poem by Joan Shorrock

Here we are at the Manor once more

Glad to be together again.

A new manager, old and new staff

Oh no, we’ve still got Ben!

In the hotel entertainment and chess

We have a lovely time together.

Then trips out with Shery and Bob

And blessed with lovely weather.

On Sunday morning, like good folk

Joan took Jim to Mass.

Said Joan, ‘Be soon it starts at ten’

Be when we got there, alas;

The time had been moved to eleven fifteen.

Whatever shall we do?

We knelt and prayed for over an hour,

Our hands and feet were blue.

Shery is kind and patient

To blind, sighted, young and old

And lets us all do as we like

As long as we do as we’re told.

Breakfast is confusing!

We change our minds, and tables as well

The staff is confused also

And Ben tells us to go to Helvellyn.

Bingo was an interesting night

With Antoine causing a ‘todo’,

Gosha mopping up after him

And Ben mending his shoe.

Calling bingo in an unusual way

Was multi-tasking Ben.

Stan and Greg won a full house

And then he won again!

Moira wasn’t very pleased,

Her winning number was next,

But minding her manners and being polite

She just said, ‘Well I am vexed!’

Antoine in his socks, poor soul

Really got the blues.

So Celia took him to Ambleside

Now he’s a brand new pair of shoes.

If you go out with Celia

Don’t venture very far.

You’ll probably be walking home

‘Cause she’s lost the flippin’ car.

Norman gets lost too, you know

His team won the quiz, well I never

He throws his chess men on the floor,

So he can’t be all that clever.

We looked forward to Sue Parish

Who came on Wednesday night.

What a super evening;

Two hours of sheer delight!

The soirée was quite special

I’m sure you must agree,

With AGTA playing instruments

Gary, Abi, Antoine and Thuy.

Celia did a poem

And Eleanor on recorder

Joan did a poem as well as

Trying to keep the rest in order.

Peter and Celia organise

The chess week very well

We hope it will on forever

Who knows and who can tell.

We’re not getting any younger

The oldest one is Ruth.

Now she can’t get her leg over –

The bath, and that’s the truth.

The chess players have all done well

And now for the encore

George has become the champion.

Congratulations once more!

Here ends our week at Windermere

Here ends my little rhyme

It’s really been a smashing week

See you all next time!

Don’t forget to book your place at Windermere 2016 before the 1st of October to qualify for the early bird discount! See the May 2015 gazette for further details. This popular event, organised by Peter and Celia Gibbs, offers coaching by stronger BCA members and the opportunity for those receiving coaching to compete in a mini-tournament. As you will have gathered from Joan’s poem, there is also a wide range of non-chess activities!