The Gazette - August 2015

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Tristram Cole’s BCA friends who enjoyed following his progress on University Challenge a few years ago, will be pleased to hear that he is to appear in another TV programme! The show is ‘Only Connect’ and is described as a quiz in which connections must be made between apparently unconnected things. Patience and lateral thinking are as vital as knowledge. For example, in an earlier series, competitors were asked to find the connection between these three events: 'Shot Al Capone', 'Crowned Napoleon I', 'Presented Irving Berlin's Oscar'. The answer was that the individual concerned had done it themself. The programme was recorded shortly after Tristram returned from France with our Six Nations squad, so it’s too late to wish him luck but we could still support him by tuning in to watch. However, please be aware that the show is not always accessible for visually impaired people because words or objects are sometimes displayed on the screen without being read out or described. The series is being broadcast on Mondays at 8.30pm on BBC2. At the time of going to print we don’t have the exact date when Tristram and his team, ‘The Bookworms’, will appear on our screens.

Continuing the theme of connections, I wonder how many readers will be able to spot the link between: ‘Shelley’, ‘Grace’ and ‘Zarah’. John Gallagher in Leeds will surely get it right: They’re all names of guide dogs he has owned! People who have known John a long time will recall his lovely border collie, Shelley. Recently, John’s canine companion has been Grace, whose gentle temperament has won her many friends in the BCA. Grace is still with John, but has recently retired. Her replacement is a black retriever cross lab called Zarah. John is delighted with her and might bring her along to the tournament in Harrogate this October. Let’s wish them a long and happy working partnership and also send belated birthday wishes to Zarah, who turned two on the 20th of July!

Julie Leonard