The Gazette - August 2015

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Apex Credit Management – Fund Raising Report, June 2015

It only seems like yesterday when we were updating you on the up and coming half marathon that a number of us ran on 25th April for the BCA! The half marathon was a brilliant success and it became the most successful fundraising event in Apex history so this is something that we are very proud of. The marathon raised just over £2000 and we are very thankful for all the support that we got. All the runners finished within 2 hours 25 minutes and we are now signing up for more running events. Clearly, we haven’t been put off and the half marathon was not as scary as we all thought it would be!

Since the half marathon we have not left the wallets and purses of our lovely colleagues alone. In May we decided to go ahead with something that is an Apex tradition a food and bake sale - something that everyone loves as we have many budding chefs and bakers in the building. Apex kindly donated a pile of little gifts including champagne, chocolates and books and we came up with the idea to create gift hampers and raffle them off. We usually do this at Christmas and this is always a roaring success with colleagues. The events didn’t fail to disappoint and the raffle tickets, combined with the bake sale, raised £337.18.

As I write the report we are in the middle of our Wimbledon themed events which include a sweepstake which turned out so popular that within the first hour of doing the rounds for sales all the male single players sold out and we have had to create a women’s singles sweepstake as well! That didn’t last much longer either. Strawberries and cream have also gone down well with a ‘Wear it White’ for Wimbledon day.

Just to let you know what is happening next, I am currently organizing a 10k run due to the success of the half marathon. We are aiming to have 10 runners/ walkers for this event and the just giving page is set up. We can’t wait to let you know how much we raise from this event. If anyone wants to support us here is the link:

Maria Pistolas, ACE Co-Chair, Apex Credit Management