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The Gazette - February 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Correspondence Chess Director’s Report

If anybody has any correspondence issues, or would just like to know more about it, please do not hesitate to contact a committee member. (See contact details at the front of this Gazette).

43rd Correspondence Championship

Listed below are the Groups for the 43rd BCA Correspondence Championship which started in January 2015, with quite a few results now coming in.

Premier Group

Group leader: Mark Hague

Whittle 1-0 Whitehouse (Queen’s Pawn) 22

Crombie 0.5-0.5 Whitehouse (Queen’s Pawn) 31

Scores: Les Whittle 4/4; Alec Crombie 3/5; Ernie McElroy 2/3; Guy Whitehouse 2/4; Mark Hague 1/3;

David Mears 0/5.

Challenger Group A

Group leader: Denis Warren

Note: Derek Couchman has had to concede his games because of ill health.

Warren 1-0 Cuthbert (Modern Defence) 30

Cuthbert 0-1 Brown (Sicilian) 27

Cuthbert 0-1 Gallacher (Irregular) 30

Scores: Steve Brown 3/3; Denis Warren 3/3; Eric Gallacher 2/4; Jim Cuthbert 1/4; Derek Couchman 0/4.

There is only one game left in this group and is a title decider between Denis Warren and Steve Brown. Watch this space.

Challenger Group B

Group leader: Eleanor Tew

Phillips 1-0 Hague (English) 30

Hague 1-0 Patching (Caro Kann) 30

Tew 0-1 Cohn (Queen’s Pawn) 47

Scores: Mike Hague 3/4; George Phillips 2/2; Hans Cohn 1/2; Steve Hilton 0/0; Geoff Patching 0/1;

Eleanor Tew 0/3.

League Competition

The 2014/15 league competition started in January 2014 and is now complete. The only issue that remained to be resolved was the final game in Division 3 between David Mears and Derek Couchman. David won that game in 41 moves and takes the Division 3 title. Congratulations to David.

Final scores: David Mears 4-4; Geoff Patching 3-4; Derek Couchman 1.5-4; Eleanor Tew 1-4; Jim Cuthbert 0.5-4.

A new league competition started in January 2016, with five players in each of the first two divisions and six players in the third division. Details of the three divisions are given below.

Division 1 Group leader: Norman Wragg

Players: Steve Brown, Alec Crombie, Mark Hague, Derek Heyes and Ernie McElroy,

Division 2 Group leader: Denis Warren.

Players: Mike Hague, Michael McGuigan, David Mears, Geoff Patching and Denis Warren.

Division 3 Group leader: Jim Cuthbert.

Players: Jim Cuthbert, Voldi Gailans, Eric Gallacher, Arthur Greatrex, Iki Nahaboo and Eleanor Tew.

Ladder Tournament

There are no ladder tournament results to report this quarter. Remember that the player finishing at the top of the ladder at the end of each calendar year is declared the winner for that year and receives an inscribed trophy to keep. Congratulations to Steve Thacker who tops the 2015 ladder.

Why not have a chat with Denis Warren, our very friendly, Friendly Games Coordinator and get involved in the ladder tournament?

One point to remember regarding the ladder tournament is that both players must agree at the outset that the game should be put forward for inclusion in the tournament.

Scores: Stephen Thacker 9; Roger Bishop 8; Jim Cuthbert and Gary Wickett 7; Denis Warren 6; Stan Lightowler 5; Mark Hague, Stan Lovell and Dorothy Hodges 4; Les Whittle, Ernie McElroy, Geoff Patching and Lea Ryan 3; Derek Couchman, Lionel Bryant, Jason Pearce and Ann Saunders 2; Chris Huby 1; Eric Gallacher 0.

Norman Wragg