Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - February 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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The 2015-2016 BCCL Competition

By the time you read this the 2015-2016 BCCL postal competition will have started. Having learned about his success in our latest email competition, I set about enticing Steve Burnell to join the team and am pleased to report I succeeded! Our team this year consists of the redoubtable Peter Gibbs on board 1 (have we ever had a safer pair of hands on top board?), then in descending board order Steve Hilton, Les Whittle, Steve Burnell, Norman Andrews and Alec Crombie.

Although the BCA isn’t participating in the webserver competition, I did happen to find out that Peter is! I’m sure you’ll join me as the administrative captain (i.e. out of the action, but someone has to run HQ!) in wishing all our players every success; let’s see if we can keep our place in the premier group this year. Of course winning it would be even better…..

Guy Whitehouse.