Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - February 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Colin Crouch Celebration Chess Congress

The ECF Calendar contains the following announcement about an event to celebrate the life of IM Colin Crouch, a former BCA Champion:

Venue: Harrow High School, Gayton Rd, Harrow, Greater London

ECF Graded, FIDE Rated. Website

A nine round Swiss, open to all. Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th April daily from 2.30pm. Incorporating the English Senior Chess Championship (Monday 4th to Friday 8th April daily from 2.30pm. Rate of play as the Masters.) Other events include – Weekend tournaments 2nd -3rd April; Monday to Friday graded events, morning 4th -8th April; Junior Tournaments, morning 5th -10th April

PRIZES – £1000; £600; £400; £300; £200

£150 each for: The highest placed female player; The highest placed player who is neither a GM nor IM; Best relative FIDE Rating performance by a player rated less than 2200; Best relative FIDE Rating performance by a player aged under 21; Best relative FIDE Rating performance by a disabled player.

Tradewise Insurance Special Prizes (for those not already holding the title): For GM/WGM norms £100; for IM/WIM norms £50.

John Robinson Bursaries each of £100 for the five highest rated English players U21 at the time of the congress.

Rate of play: 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by all the remaining moves in 30 minutes, with the addition of 30 seconds for each move from the start. Contact: Stewart Reuben

An important note from the BCA Committee:

As a mark of respect for Colin, the committee would like to encourage as many visually impaired members as possible to take part in the congress and, with this in mind, we shall be providing help with funding. Please email or telephone our Secretary if you are interested in playing. Of those who decide to play, the two UK resident players with the highest ECF grades in the list in force at the end of January 2016 will receive full funding to take part in one of the congress events of their choice. Full funding will include travel, accommodation, and entry fee but not lunch or evening meals. Other UK resident VI members will also receive help with funding, up to a maximum of £150 each in addition to any congress support grants they are eligible to claim.