Bringing Chess to Visually Impaired People

The Gazette - February 2016

Edited by Julie Leonard
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Two Items for Sale

Sally Kenealy has asked us to mention two of David Hodgkins’s possessions which she would like to go to the highest bidder to help raise funds for the BCA. Both are still in their original packaging and have never been used.

The first is a Braillenote PK notetaker. The software that was on it when David bought it is now out of date but upgrades are available. These notetakers come in various flavours, but I’m guessing that this has a Perkins-style Braille input keyboard. The applications on the fully upgraded notetaker that you would have access to include internet browsing, email, word processing, an in-built microphone for memo taking, a media player, internet radio (to be fair, this isn’t the best), a bookreader (this enables you to read files without updating them so you don’t need to worry about the text changing), a calculator and some personal organiser type features such as an address list database. I’m fairly sure it has Bluetooth and wifi. The Braillenote PK is not the most recent Braille notetaker product on the market, however even so to buy something like this new you would have paid something like £4000. Most people couldn’t actually afford them and only got one through schemes such as the disabled students allowance or access to work. I am fairly sure that if you rang Humanware they would help you through the upgrade process; they might even allow you to send it in and do the upgrade for you.

The second item is a Nokia C5 mobile phone with Talks installed on it. I actually have one of these with a contract myself, though it is an old model of phone which I believe isn’t manufactured any more. Whether you would get a contract now I don’t know, so you might want to check with your nearest mobile phone shop or perhaps ring the company you have your mobile with now to make sure. I personally will keep using my C5 till it finally gives up the ghost because I like the tactile buttons on it and, to be fair, I’m not that ambitious in my use of mobile phone technology; as long as I can text, make and receive calls I’m happy. I have used it to access my gmail account and a couple of other websites before, but I have to say, to be honest this was a mixed experience and not something I do now.

If you are interested, contact a committee member, stating which item you’re interested in and how much you are offering.

Guy Whitehouse.